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Terms and Conditions for Prefabricated

                                        Container Type Houses

        Information                           The desired top and bottom counters are equipped with high-  are exposed for envoirmental impacts and usually with a color
        Prefabricated  containers  are  combination  of  steel  construc-  gloss material and variable color preferences of cabinet doors   code of RAL7012 and coated with sellulosic paint in which it’s
        tion, designed for single or plural envoirment with seperated   are done according to the standards of plan. Kitchen sinks are   thicker than usual.
        rooms and they are detached housings regardless of ground   single-compartmented with droppers with size of upto 80 cm
        connection which makes them as ‘prefabricated’ category re-  in total. Upon request of oven slots, washing machine slots   Steel footings
        gardless of temporarly or permanent settlement of container.   and others can be manufactured as built-in slots.  The clean and waste water system is lined under the contain-
        They are in-built with water and electricity equipments canon-             er. Due this reason, the container is elevated from the ground
        ically as well as including inlets and outlet.Walls that will be           level by 15-30 cm to maintain air circulation. The footings of
        used are internationally certificated and thermally insulated   Sanitary Ware  the container are weared with steel plates to avoid sinking and
        and can be finalized with desired point of choice regardless   They are connected to built-in system of the container with   allows safe settlement. Regording to the weight of the house,
        of ceiling floor, roofing will be clothed with ‘sandwich panel’.  a Standard dimensions and including a WC. Shower cabinets   there is no need of attaching the house to the concrete base
                                              are also included with a dimention of 90x90 cm and elevated   which will be casted in advance of transportation  or before.
        Structure                             15 cm off the floor. All fountains are ball-beared and pressure   For such places like concrete base application is impossible,
        The skeleton structure is designed for combination of usage   proof.       portable 40x40 cm pre-made concrete flat blocks are also vi-
        forces, lifting of structure and any other mixation of situations          able for settelment. The only downside of this premade con-
        where  as  they  are  done  with  RHS  (Round  Hollow  Sections)   Doors   crete  flat  block  application  is  that  regular  grass  trimming  is
        classified as ST57- steel category which is ideal for such oc-  The exterior doors are aluminium based designed for water   required.
        casions. The structure’s primary skeleton elements are estab-  proof  and  equipped  with  strength-based  materials.  Inner
        lished  in  our  company  then  they  proceed  for  lining  process   doors are panel covered and they are American pre-pressed
        then for anti-rust painting process to be able to carry on to   wooden doors painted with water based paint & door frames   Connection of Pipings
        next stage of ‘assembly area’         are wooden material. Fringes are covered with EPS-foam for   The connections of drain pipes and kitchen outlets will be con-  TANER YOLCU CONSTRUCTION LTD. /  CONTEINER HOUSES PRODUCTION
                                              finish view.                         nected to the existing or newly built of minimum 4 metres of
        Floor Covering                                                             depth well. The connection will be done by firstly connected to
        The base of structure is mesh designed to be able to install   Aluminium Windows  storm drain then to a well to maintain the flowstream active.
        waterproof layer, topped with dual side laminated MDF (Me-  To be able to maintain insulation, Windows are double glazed   For ventilation of storm drain, we advise a 2 inch PvC-Pipe.
        dium-Density Fiberbood) with a thickness of 18 mm. On top of   with white aluminium frames. Exterior sliding doors are man-  Electric Terminal Location
        that 25 mm EPS (Expanded Polystren Foam) covered with mat-  ted with locking systems allowing for extra entry to the com-  Throught the cabin/container the electricity setup is done by
        tress. Finally the top layer will bw choice of color of parquet.  partment. WC Windows are manufactured as transom-open-  regulations and legislations. The exterior plug for the contain-
                                              ing type according to standards.     er will travel among the bottom of the container and should
                                                                                   be connected accordingly. There will be no more extra requir-
        Walls                                 Flooring                             ment for electricity application.
        The exterior facings of walls will be fibercemented and the in-  The complete flooring of pre-fabricated house will involve the
        ner facings will be 12,5 mm wall boards. The mid part of inte-  desired choice of parquet including wet-sections of the com-  Transportation
        rior and exterior is EPS infused. The name of these prefabricat-  partment as well as base boards are also included through out   Prefabricated house transportation is one of the most crucial
        ed walls are called ‘DUvAR PANELS’ as known as ‘Ready Wall   the complete parquet installation.  part  in  this  process.  It  requires  a  proffesional  service.  The
        Panels’ fully authentic and copyrighted to ‘Taner Yolcu Con-               house will be lifted from top 4 corners unlike the bottom lift
        struction Ltd’. They  are designed for such more applications              type and there will be 4 lifting lock locations on the corner of
        and fully compatible with joinings fort his occasion. According   Painting  each  side.  These  lockpoints  have  special  locking  equipment
        to the customer’s desires the required inner walls involve wa-  The joint linings of exterior wall faces which are fiber-cement   even withstand lot bigger weight lift grips. Then these grips
        ter-proof wallboards.                 boards  are  done  with  polyurethane  mastic  application  in   will be connected either to a crane or telescopic crane regard-
                                              which it completes two different panel as one with a structural   ing to size of the house. They will lift the house from ground
        Roof                                  strength of top grade. The surface of a fiber cement board is   and position them on transportation vehicle whereas the foot-
        The roof is desinged with down-ward slope for a water run-  orange peel appearance and it has it’s own paint application   ing will be on the sides of vehicle and Container unloading will
        away and equipped with 40-50 mm sandwich panels for top-  starting with a 4-layered base coat finalizing with silicon based    be exactly vice versa of loading. To avoid damaging the cabi-
        side insulations. There will be eaves at water runaway outlets   & coarse sanded exterior paint.  net, the unloading will be done steadily and done with 4 or 5
        with minimum 20 cm. Sandwich panel installation is done ac-  The  inner  walls  including  base  of  ceiling  floors  joint  linings   person so avoid line of sights of the operator. Upon touching
        cordingly with the RHS- Skeleton structure.  are filled and sandpapered then thin plaster application. Fi-  the ground by all footings, locking system is removed and cov-
                                              nally processed with sandpapering with fine grit to be able to   ered by pre-fabricated metal sheets. The levelling will be done
        Ceiling Floor                         maintain smoothness to proceed for painting. Upon reaching   as soon as cabinet lands. The levelling will be done by lifting
        The steel structure of ceiling starts at a point of where the   for the final color of choice, a base coat of transparent liner   one or two sides up/down slightly.
        slope is at almost zero/null and with a height of 250 cm from   usually color of white is applied. Due transportation reasons,
        the floor of structure. The inner face of ceiling will be screwed   the WC compartment is painted with liquid-membrare main-  Final step is done by painters whereas during the transporta-
        on and covered with wall boards.      taining water transferrence to not infuse.  tion process and unloading stage, any minor damage will be
                                              The footings of the structure is base coated with premier lining   fixed on delivery area and key locks of doors and slide doors
        Kitchen Counters                      to be ready for the anti-corrosion paint applied twice due they   are double checked. The establishment is complate.
                                                                             +90 392 365 1981-2  5
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