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What is steel construction?

In this steel construction all the conveyer systems are made from steel, it is especially used in geographical regions that have a high risk of earthquake. This steel construction is also used in the following ; steel construction hangars, steel construction sport facilities, steel construction warehouses, steel construction workshops, it has wide angles and it is a high platform steel construction system.

The urbanization that takes place in our country is located in the 1st and 2nd degree of earthquake locations. According to the ration, the preference of using steel construction buildings were considerably low. If you would compare steel constructions with other constructions you can see that it has high superior mechanical features, it also has a stable capacity and easy to function. Steel constructions, steel buildings, steel houses, are time efficient, safe and economic, made at specific standards and because of this it is a rapidly widespread used steel construction system.

What are the the types of Steel Constructions ?

Steel Constructions are grouped as, Heavy Steel and Light Steel Constructions. An example for Heavy Steel Constructions is, factories with big spans and an example for Light Steel Constructions are storage constructions and prefabricated constructions.

Steel Constructions are divided as Insulated and Non-insulated constructions. By the help of polyurethane panels which are used in walls and roofs of insulated buildings or with Rockwool which helps in insulation of heat and sound. The reason of choosing non-insulated steel constructions is that they are cheap.

Where are Steel Constructions used ?

Mostly, Steel Constructions are used in, steel factories, steel industrial constructions, aircraft hangars, sport facilities, steel construction hangars, steel construction workshops and in steel construction storerooms.

What are the advantages of Steel Constructions ?

Due to its light weight, Steel Constructions are less likely to be exposed to earthquake loads, they are strong materials, they have a major advantage of efficiency in production and assembling. Different Construction Systems can be applied to Steel Construction Systems.

Steel Constructions are ‘Long-Lasting’, quick to install and also they can be disassembled and reassembled many times. Steel is %100 recyclable and no matter how many times this operation is performed, it does not lose its characteristics and it does not harm the environment.

Steel Construction Structures (Prismatic Structures)

Optionally, Steel Constructions like Steel Construction Workshops, Steel Construction Storerooms can be insulated or non-insulated by the help of Prismatic Steel Construction systems.

Technical Data about Steel Construction and Steel Structures:

Structures are produced according to 1st degree of seismic conditions. Wind speed is 102 km/h (h:0-8 m ) TS498, snow load 80 kg/ m².Structures which will be mounted in the place are created in factory and mounted to concrete ground which are chosen by customer, can be removed and fitted to any location at any time.

Dimensions of Steel Constructions:

Construction width 10 m single span- (Figure 1) column height can be h:4-5-6 m. Construction height can be prolong able as multipliers of 2.5m.The width of the block shall be 10 meters above the ground, blocks with double, triple, quadruple and quintuple blocks can be made (Figure 2 ).

Steel Structure Suspension Systems:

NPI Column, made up of full-bodied steel truss and purlins, which generate with wind connection. Connections are provided with steel bolts and nuts.

Roof and Wall Cladding : Trapezoidal cross-section 0.50mm galvanized steel sheets, galvanised roofing nails and seal is fixed to the purlins.

Doors : manufactured as sliding doors with dimensions 350*350 cm. (Above Door, 900*2000mm staff service door is available.)

Paint : All Steel system is painted with corrosion-resistant paint and also re -painted with a coat of oil paint.

Instalisation: Electrical installation is made.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction Structure and Social Content, Factory, Showroom Structures 

Steel Building Technical Specifications: Structures are produced according to 1st degree of seismic conditions. Wind speed is 102 km/h (h:0-8 m ) TS498, snow load 80 kg/ m².

Dimensions : Building width 12-30 m (single span), Column height, 4-12 m, Column to the desired length and wheelbase length of building can be 3-6m.

Conveyor System : According to the structural width, column 2 UPN beams in box form, full body scissors, knitting system or can be full-leg system. Connections are provided with steel bolt and nut. Optionally, crane system can be made. Can be made either insulated or non-insulated. As the structures are one-stage, they can be two or three stages.