Portable Moduler Houses

Since 2017, 23 different models designed by our company allow and transportation and construction according the rules statues and laws in our country. Living transport houses that serve human use with static calculations and architectural projects are manufactured.

Due to the movable feature of the houses ,the steel construction is made with sceleton and insulated Wall panel walls ,the bottom floor is olso made of insulated layerd unburn eps and wooden plates.The roof exterior part made bu metal sanwich insulate panels and inside suspended roof made bu lime board panels.

The electric and water installation was built in recessed and collected at a central point.

The alminyum door and Windows used where olso manufactured with thermal insulation.

Houses are generally delivered with ordeers for 30 days.

One or two bedroom living room and kitchen unit in sitting room shower room with toilet and lavatory .hot water doneted for connection.

Our production diametions can be combined with 6x3 mt, 7x3 mt,8x3 mt or side by side and doubled area con be obteined like 2 unit 7x3mt= 7x6mt. İnside height is 2,5 mt.

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